04 février 2020

Travel in Newzealand

 Hello my name is James and the last holiday, I travelled in New Zealand. I will present my roadtrip in this blog. So, I went the 15th June until the 30th June with a campingcar. To go there the 15th June, I took a boat from Australia to New Zealand. I began my holiday with visiting the city of Auckland. Are you ready to discover my trip in this blog ?  


When I arrived in Auckland, I rented a campingcar to make my roadtrip. The first day to discover the town, I participated at an orienteering course. It's was a good idea from the travel agency. After this course, I ate in a traditional restaurant. His names is "Manuka" it is the best traditional restaurant. I could tasted an excellent wine then enjoyed the clam chowder. Moreover, it offered the most beautiful view of the Devon Port.


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Good panorama isn't it ? 


The next days I made lot of activities and visits.


Then I made a jump from the sky city it is the most tallest tower in New Zealand it  measures 328 meter. It was a magic moment and I have loved it.

I recommend it because it was a fabulous experience!


 Sky Tower, Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélandesky-walk-auckland

It is the sky tower. 


Next, I have walked at the Queen street and shopped earrings and sneakers. It was cheaper as in England! It is the most funniest quarter of New Zealand but it was noisy. Nevertheless there were a lot of ice cream seller. I ate an ice cream. Its shape was eccentic but its flavour of chocolate and strawberries was delicious.



 Glacier The Giapo AucklandShopping à Auckland




Then I decided to go to the Kelly Tarton's sea life Aquarium. This aquarium was built in 1965 and is the older of the country. There you can meet shark, turtle, seahorse and other fishes. I could fed a family pinguin and it was the best experience with animal I have ever praticed. This animal were elegant. I have bought a cuddly toy at the aquariums' shop.


Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium, AucklandKelly Tarlton’s Sea Life




Did you like sport? and are you passionated of rugby?

Then, you must go to the Eden park. It's the best place to meet the All Blacks!!! I went there and I could visited the players' locker room. I was the first who can do that!!! I spoke with the All Blacks leaders' Kieran James Reed, I was very impressionned. There was many people at the stadium. The All the black won against South Africa.


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The day after, I decided to visit the Auckland war Memorial Museum. It stands on a hill in the park of Auckland Domain. This monument is dedicated to victims of the First World War. There are exceptional collections, which retrace the history of the country from the arrival of the Maori on the territory to the second world war. There are more than 4 millions objects. It is the most important museum of New Zealand. The travel guide was very passionate!


Auckland War Memorial Museum



 Because I love the nature I went to the Mont Eden which is one of the most famous volcanoes in Auckland. I have walked during 1 hour. And after, I have got a sunburn when I was climbing to this volcano. The weather was sunny.





A few day before my departure, I drove to the Coromandel. It is a peninsula over 2 hours drive from Auckland.This region is one of the most beautiful in the North. The two beaches are the most visited of the country:

Hot water beach: where I took a bath in the hot water

Cathedral cove : where the film Narnia world was filming



Finally, for my last day I discovered the city of Rotorua located at 2:40 from Auckland. The city is famous for its Maori villages which surround it. There, I was able to take part at a Maori evening with a show and a meal. It was amazing!!! The Maori traditions is exceptional.




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